Christian Henge

Christian Henge

Partner, Competence as a Service

The CaaS Governance Framework – Overcome a period of crisis through clear allocation of responsibilities and a well prepared and stringently implemented crisis organization.


In the times of crises such as the current situation with the coronavirus, companies are experiencing an exceptional situation to which they must react quickly, comprehensively and stringently. The development, planning and implementation of a resilient crisis organization is fundamental to this. Here, the Competence-as-a-Service Governance Framework can be used to derive a pragmatic and resilient solution. At virtual iNNOVATE, the two Hamburg-based management consultants Alexander Kn├╝tter and Christian Henge show you what is important when introducing a resilient crisis organization and how iGrafx can best support you in this situation.


Christian Henge is a partner at Competence as a Service and also acts as an advisory board for several service companies. He is responsible for our business areas “Strategy” and “Governance”. This includes interactive strategy development at the situation table, the introduction of digital governance instruments and successful treasure hunts. Since his engineering studies he has been working as an entrepreneur, manager and consultant.