Ian Hawkins

Ian Hawkins

Head of Content, Sustainable17

Using Data to Make Decisions – Mining, Discovery, Tools & Techniques to Put Data to Use


In this presentation, Ian Hawkins looks at how data has shaped decisions and what businesses can do to sort the signal from an increasingly noisy world. Whether you are facing uncertainty as a business or an individual, Ian uses examples from business and history to demonstrate that you need a reality check on your circumstances and make a conscious decision on your attitude.

During this presentation you will learn:

  • Some of the assumptions and biases that make apparently good data bad
  • Why a lot of unreliable data does not add up to reliable data
  • Reliable bad information can sometimes be better than unreliable good information


Ian is Head of Content at Sustainable17, a United Nations-backed project for businesses addressing interconnected global challenges from decent work and healthcare to climate action and infrastructure. Ian spent two years as Editor-in-Chief at PEX Network at a time of transformation for businesses as technology profoundly impacted enterprise automation. Covering such issues as RPA, AI and process mining, Ian worked with some of the world’s most disruptive businesses and innovators, bringing their stories to the wider business community.  Describing himself as a storyteller, Ian writes, started up B2B podcast studio Reconnect and is in demand as a keynote speaker.