Olaf Lahrsen

Olaf Lahrsen

Partner, Digital Leader Risk Advisory, Deloitte

Intelligent Regulatory Monitoring, Collaboration & Governance Solution – “Diamond”

Governments around the globe continue to tighten online regulations, making compliance increasingly challenging and costly for businesses to navigate. For example in the banking industry, regulatory costs are predicted to rise from 4% to 10% of banking revenue by 2021.  And in the wake of the current global pandemic, it’s very likely that incremental business continuity and resiliency requirements will increase.  Regardless the industry, companies must take an active role in ensuring they meet legal compliance standards and rules in order to protect their operations, employees and customers.

Learn how Deloitte is delivering a turnkey solution to large enterprises around the world, including sophisticated regulatory monitoring, workflow automation to ensure appropriate documentation of risk by responsible party, and overarching risk and control assessment. In short, Deloitte’s Diamond incorporates key risk measurement processes, controls and measures to close regulatory gaps, all in one solution.